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Rare vintage chinese silver jewellery

Personally selected for quality and workmanship

Cloisonne vintage yin/yang beads

Never seen before. Gorgeous. I have made unique earrings, pendants and rings.

Rare chinese silver jewellery

Hand-selected selection of necklaces, bracelets, earrings, bangles, more available

Beautiful jade Quan Yin

Pale green, 'A' jade

Unique tigerseye carving

Detail of intricately carved tigerseye dragons with pearl. On custom made wooden stand. One-of-a-kind.

Top quality obelisks in assorted ornamental stones

Rhodonite, sodalite, amazonite amongst many others

Intarsia pendants, chrysoprase earrings, opal earrings

Lovely intarsia box

Intarsia uses polished stones in a similar technique to wood marquetry or inlay. This one-of-a-kind box is in a private collection. Reverse carved dragon in clear quartz. Surrounded by lapis lazuli, turquoise, tigerseye, grey agate

One-of-a-kind jade Quan Yin

Pale green with hints of purple and brown

Tourmaline Quan Yin


Hand carved roses

Pink manganocalcite from Peru. Specially carved, nobody else has these. Stick pins, earrings, lapel studs. Larger roses are unmounted, make lovely keepsakes.

Blue chalcedony dish, jade dragon, green jasper goats

All one-of-a-kind

Vintage costume jewellery

We had a recent request from a customer to find costume jewellery.

Vintage chinese carved amber beads

Never seen before or since

Tagua nut carvings, sugillite donuts etc. etc.

Please contact us with the designs you are looking for.

More rough emeralds

Assorted sizes available

Rough emeralds

Assorted sizes available

Assorted beads, unusual stones and shapes

Red jasper, citrine, blue/red tigerseye.

Please do not hesitate to ask for the necklace you have always wanted!

Many strands of beads, unusual stones and shapes

Chrysocolla, labradorite, mixed rose quartz/amethyst/citrine/clear quartz, sodalite

Vintage chinese porcelain pendants

Tourmaline, jade, cloisonne, silver and much more!

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